Our Core Values – Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.
Our Core Values

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We are a company that strives to enable everyone to live the Intentional Great Life. In order to fulfill this, we instill in each employee the core values of Personal Collection.

Great Love for Family

Here at Personal Collection, we place a premium on our family because of our intentional great love for them. Love is the most powerful force. It cannot be measured yet it is enough to transform people and bring happiness more than any material possession. Nowhere is this love more evident than inside the family.

Our great love motivates us to provide better for them. It makes us consider if our actions are beneficial or damaging to them. Because of love, we rise above and constantly work to give them the great life.

We are enthusiastic to do great because we believe that life in abundance comes only through the force of an intentional great love.

Blank Paper Humility

As a people, we acknowledge that our personal knowledge and experiences are very little compared to the collective knowledge and experiences of the world.

Too often we are tempted to invoke our past achievements, hold on to our biases, and hastily issue our judgments. Lack of humility hinders us from getting a clear grasp of the situation, and makes us miss opportunities to learn and grow as individuals.

In opening ourselves to the possibility of learning, we bring ourselves closer to true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible challenges of life.

Sense of Urgency, Sense of Ownership, Accountability, Teamwork and Integrity

We consider time as our most precious resource. By learning to value time, we become fully aware about how it impacts our team. It follows, that in all the things that we do, we act with a sense of urgency in order to accommodate more with the time we have.

Like the gears of a clock, we must be in-tune with the other components in order to serve our function. That means we do our part and act harmoniously. We take ownership by devoting our full attention from start to end. We keep our integrity by doing things right despite the temptations.

We are on time because we value and respect the time of others. We are part of a team that depends on us to be accountable for our part and to always do the right thing.


NENE- Never Ever, Never Ever Give Up
Excellence & Determination

In everything we do, we go beyond the standard. We embody excellence by ingraining in ourselves the habit of doing things intentionally. Excellence depends as much on our well-informed decisions as it does on our determination to achieve. In this light, we see our failures as an opportunity to shine and bounce back ten times higher.

We are excellent because excellence is a habit of achieving our goals intentionally.

Intentional Gratitude
Sense of Gratitude and Paying it Forward

Our highest form of expressing appreciation is not merely in uttering words but living by them.

We understand the value of the people who have helped us because it is through them that we have been sustained to become the person we are today.

Because of this, we pay our blessings forward by helping others become the best that they can be in anything they do. We will not give up on those who willingly and intentionally want to move forward with us. After all, it is so much better to share our successes with other people. Our great lives are not a mere destination, possession, prize, or fashion statement. Our great life is an experience of living every minute with love and gratitude.

We are grateful because our success is also the success of people who have paid their blessings forward to us.