Our Core Values – Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.
Our Core Values

The core values of Personal Collection rely on each other to enable employees to function well and empower us to move as one.


Excellence allows one to constantly improve and go the extra mile. It is aiming higher than the standards, not being satisfied with average results.

Speed of action is the ability to act quickly with responsibility and accountability. It is embracing challenges, delivering positive results on time.

Firmness is holding on to one’s principles in resolving issues and making hard decisions. It is practicing fairness, not favoritism.

Being results-oriented is seeing the bigger picture and bringing it to fruition. It’s visualizing the desired outcomes, not settling for “puwede na ’yan.”

Discipline speaks what is right and practices it. It means walking the talk and delivering work and commitments with integrity.

Collaboration fosters a culture of open communication where anyone can speak and share their ideas. It is teamwork, not individualism.

Leadership is having the ability to listen to feedback, recognize potential, and cultivate future leaders. It is mentoring people, not keeping the knowledge to oneself.

Humility is the willingness to bow down, admit and learn from mistakes, and accept different views in order to grow.

Malasakit is caring, being grateful, taking initiative, and most especially, showing love. It is acting for the good of all, not concerned primarily with one’s own interests.