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Formen - Fusion

Formen Active Body Spray

Live Without Limits

Force – Oriental Woody

Frost – Fruity Fougere

Flame – Spicy Woody

Fierce – Woody Musk

Fever – Woody Fougere

Fusion – Aromatic Fougere


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Live without limits with FORMEN’s selection of fresh scents. FORMEN Body Spray is a fresh line of body sprays that keep young and active men oozing with a fresh aura.

Force – Oriental Woody – Oriental Woody to strike with full power and show them what you’re made of.

Frost – Fruity Fougere – Fruity to stand out from the crowd and make them freeze in admiration.

Flame – Spicy Woody – Spicy Woody to ignite everything in your path and unleash the masculinity.

Fierce – Woody Musk – Woody Musk to rush with full contact and never back down.

Fever – Woody Fougere – Woody to raise the temperature to dangerous levels and feel an extreme intensity.

Fusion – Aromatic Fougere – Aromatic Fougère to create a powerful and lasting good impression.

  • For the confident man
  • A fresh fragrance with a wide range of scents to go with the active man’s purpose

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