There have been famous individuals from history that have the word “Great” affixed to their names: Alexander the Great,
Herod the Great, Frederick the Great, Peter the Great and many others.
But there is someone who deserves the title the most — King Solomon. God appeared to him in a dream and he was promised
wealth, power, the strongest military force, discernment, and UNDERSTANDING (1 Kings 4:29 New International Bible) — he chose
to have discernment and understanding. Because of this, he was rewarded with greatness, glory and prosperity which extended
to his kingdom. Historians claim that if we compute and convert his accumulated wealth during his reign, Solomon would be
considered the wealthiest man who has ever lived.

What is it like for an individual, team and organization to be scrutinized under a magnifying lens? It can be both nerve-wracking and extremely enlightening
as it would reveal hidden greatness after a deeper analysis. This process will give you the upper hand during unforeseen events that could happen to
an individual or organization.
Successful companies started with the concept of “playing with ideas.” These ideas went through the process of understanding the market and consumer behavior.
This created a need for consumers to buy the product or avail of the services they provide. To date, they are considered billion dollar companies —just because
they chose to understand UNDERSTANDING.
This has been the key to the success of people and companies — the same principle Personal Collection has lived by. How do you measure up in the world of
understanding the Personal Collection Way? It happens by having a closer look through the organization’s magnifying lens.


When we aspire for something great, — what do we do? If we desire a quality of life that would bring good health, long life and prosperity— what action would
it entail? What elements are required of us? and what level should we reach?
The quality of life we want for us and our family depends on how we want to achieve it. People aim to discover their innate capabilities to be able to use
them to add value to others, their work, company and the community. Take these for example:
• A Preacher who desires to encourage and engage people to follow the teachings of the Almighty.
• A Monk dedicated to serving others. To live a frugal life. Choosing to leave society to live his life in prayer and contemplation.
• The Pope, whose main purpose is to commune with God and to bring the people back to the fold so they are able to live a holy life.
All of them live each day with a purpose but to have their desired result, they have to magnify everything a million times. They may need to go through a
cycle which allows them to SEE (Appreciate) , THINK (Analyze) and ACT (Do), all of which depends on one’s level of understanding, one’s own experience,
and the combination of the three. The deeper understanding is applied, the higher one’s level of achievement. This then leads to a better life and a higher
degree of self fulfillment.



Magnifying is not only going through the lens but an ACT; how we should implement what we want to achieve.

Guided by our VALUES…
………motivated by our PASSION…
…………..Fueled by 4G and …
……………….anchored on HUMILITY.

This the Personal Collection Way Magnified A Million Times.

So if you want to know more, join us.
Be transformed through the World of Understanding