One in a bunch

One in a Bunch

Lydia Curayag was once one of the thousand hopefuls lined up in a job fair in Tagbilaran City. Like any other person looking for a job, she hoped that one of the companies which participated there would accept her and give her a stable job.
In 2009, it seemed that fate turned and Lydia found herself in a job she would be very thankful for in the coming years. On November 16, 2009, Lydia was welcomed to the Personal Collection family as the Branch Operations Supervisor of PC Tagum until she was re-assigned at the Tagbilaran branch.
Lydia chronicles her experiences with Personal Collection, saying that she has grown so well in the company of different people who helped shape her career. “Since I started with PC, I noticed that I'm more able to understand different persons’ attitudes and situations, learning ways to develop not only my social skills and strengths, but also coping with my weaknesses,” says Lydia.
Lydia also shares how she was able to afford her own motorcycle through her hard work in Personal Collection. Lydia recounts, “There are dreams which I achieved since I started in Personal Collection. First, I’ve earned the respect of high profile individuals I’ve worked with. I have also purchased the latest gadgets out of my own pocket and I have helped my niece pursue her education.”
As a Branch Operations Supervisor, Lydia was able to meet individuals in their own different stages of success. She witnessed the dealers' happy moments in receiving their incentives which, according to Lydia, most of them were not expecting. “I have also seen them achieve their dreams like getting their own cars. There are many dealers whom I personally talked to and have known on a personal level. I’m happy knowing that there are so many of us whom Personal Collection has helped achieve their dreams.
From taking the chance at a job fair, Lydia would have never guessed she would happily find her place in Personal Collection. For others looking for their own happiness in a career, Lydia has this to say: “I would advise anyone to choose a job which will make them happy. Loving your work creates a better environment which leads to becoming a better you in the process.