Personal Collection's Winning Formula


The quality of life we want for us and our loved ones depends on how much we want to achieve. In order to achieve this, we would have to look
at things at a marco level. Things have to go through a cycle that allows us to SEE (Appreciate), THINK (Analyze) AND ACT (Do). All these depend
on our level of understanding and the combination of the three. The deeper understanding is applied, the higher one's level of achievement is.
This then leads to a better life and a higher degree of self fulfillment.




In order to achieve this, an individual should:

  • Have open mind
  • Focus on the other person
  • Check if your preceptions are correct


To be able to analyze, this process entails:

  • Active listning
  • Check the background of the speaker
    and issue at hand
  • Formulate actions / solutions


The goal of understanding is for the person to:

  • Add value to oneself, to others and to the world
  • Create change paradigm and see the world
    in a different light