Colormatch Photo Contest – Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.

Colormatch Photo Contest

No photo has been submitted for the contest. Be the first!

The ENTRY with the MOST number of VOTES will be our national winner for the Perfect Match ni Coco sa Colormatch Photo Contest.  The contest period is from Nov 10-19, 2017 only.


Please find below steps on how to share & like the photos for the Facebook Contest:

1.) Go to our official PC Facebook page for the official announcement -

2.) or click here to vote Perfect Match ni Coco sa Colormatch Photo Contest .

3.) A photo gallery will appear on the contest page.

4.) Select a photo, search branch name or search contestant’s name that you would like to vote and share.

5.) Click “Vote” and click “Share” (Share with all friends and relatives with Facebook account) .

6.) Please note that only 1 VOTE per device and IP Address are allowed.


PRIZE: ONE winner will receive P5,000 in CASH and P5,000 worth of Colormatch products.  The winner will be announced on November 20, 2017.