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Great Stories

Features true-to-life and inspiring stories of dealers as they journey to Great Life


  • The Elsie Story

From a life in darkness to a beautiful great life

Elsie Diaz is one of the PC’s most successful dealers but not so long ago she was a struggling mother with so many life problems. Elsie Diaz became blind at the age of 25, after finishing her degree in Nursing with plans to leave for the US and work there. At that age she was already married with a child on the way.

Her blindness came one time after her husband picked her up after her board exams. She was running a fever and was feeling sick. She was rushed to the hospital where she learned that she was stricken with a rare disease.

She consulted with a number of doctors and specialists. She was surprised one day when her vision started to fade and all that she saw was darkness. All her hopes and dreams vanished. Her child was born without seeing his face.

Elsie lost all the will to live. She started hating the world. She attempted to kill herself three times. She attempted to slash her wrist and overdose of pills. She also tried hanging herself.

After the third attempt, Elsie realized that it wasn’t her time to go. She realized that even if she was blind, she still had a mission in life. She thought that she needed to prove that people like her can still do a lot of good. She accepted her blindness and started to live again.

She started by selling coconuts, and hawking meat. She also put up a sari-sari store. One day her friend, Tess invited her to join Personal Collection. Her Great Life started to begin.

Another kind of light shone upon her. This is what her first house with her husband looks like:


She was able to save and put up six more houses. They eventually moved to the biggest house.

Before they only had a tricycle. They were able to buy a jeepney, and then a second hand car. Now Elsie drives a brand new car. Her eldest is now a professor at an IT school and her youngest is now in Grade Seven at a private school.

Its easy for most of us to give up in the face of problems. We lose hope where the likes of Elsie rise up and shine. Elsie sees nothing but she has definitely gone a long way!

We have many more stories like this: people who face small and big challenges, people who have the same problems you have. Many have succeeded against them and many can testify to the Great Life that PC has delivered to them.

  • PC enabled Elsie to solve her problems and achieve more than what she thought she could do.
    • From a small house to a dream house and 8 other houses being rented out
    • From commuting to buying a brand new car
    • Son graduated in a private school and is now a professor
    • Daughter is studying in a private school
  • Elsie believed and followed the PC journey to the Great Life
    • NENE : Hindi hadlang ang pagiging bulag upang kumilos at magtagumpay
    • Intentional : Sinadyang gumamit, magbenta at magrecruit
    • PNY : Hindi kuntento sa “pwede na yan” na antas ng buhay bagkus inangat ang kanyang standard
    • Love for Family: Pinakamalalim na dahilan upang makamit ang maliwanag na buhay