JOB VACANCIES – Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.

Personal Collection is a company with a Noble Purpose of sharing a Great Life to everyone. Our mindset is to give our employees a Great Life for their families. We look for individuals who have the potential of becoming great contributors to our company’s growth and success. Our company develops their skills, provides them with the proper training and equips them with the right tools to help them reach their full potential and become great leaders.

Personal Collection provides an excellent working environment, offers competitive pay, and conducts performance-based appraisals to all head office and branch employees. We reward our employees with regular bonuses, salary increases, and promotions for their outstanding performance. The company also endeavors to hire persons with disabilities (PWD) who are fit and qualified for the position and where the job requirements can be performed well.

Great Love for Family is at the core of our company’s business. The company believes that each employee should aspire to find the right work-life balance for them to ensure that they spend quality time with their families.


Job Vacancies