The Company – Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.
The Company

Personal Collection or PC is a direct selling company that provides high quality products and livelihood opportunities for thousands through its extensive dealer network. It operates from the mindset of hardworking people who have discovered the Great Life—that is the ultimate purpose for doing business with PC.

The company was established on August 20, 2003 with the introduction of its pioneer product, TUFF Toilet Bowl Cleanser. Other PC brands ALFA-1, Amazing, Colormatch, HBS, Revitalife, and White Dove to name a few have a steadfast following and are enjoyed by millions of consumers nationwide.

Our Purpose

A Great Life is our Mindset and our noble purpose is to share this with everyone.

Empower employees with an excellent working environment.
Inspire our dealers with the best earning opportunities.
Delight our consumers with superior value-for-money products and services.

Our Future

We envision to be an organization that grows our business and at the same time serves the noble purpose of enhancing the lives of Filipino families.

Our Motivation

We do everything with great love because of our great love for our families. And, our desire is to give them the Intentional Great Life. This great love gives us the power to transform ourselves and the lives of our family. It pushes us to go beyond our limits to provide them with the Great Life.