Dealer Return and Exchange Policy

Personal Collection (PC) is committed to providing our dealers and customers with high-quality products and services. We understand that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and that’s why we have a comprehensive return and exchange policy in place.

If you’re in any way not happy with the product that you purchased, kindly bring the item to the branch you purchased it from. The branch personnel will gladly assist you.

Process for Return & Exchange
  1. Report your concern within thirty (30) days of receiving the product. Dealers can only request for returns at the branch where they purchased the products.
  2. Fill out the Product Complaint Incident Report.
  3. Bring the product/s to branch personnel so they can assess the product/s. Products, except for intimate apparel, are eligible for product investigation and exchange/return if they meet the scenarios which require assessment.

This policy shall only cover products purchased within PC-owned and Great Life Partner store branches. Other selling platforms such as PC Starter, Shopee, and Lazada have their respective return guidelines. 

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