Personal Collection

We are one of the biggest local businesses here in the Philippines engaged in direct selling and dedicated to transforming the lives of millions of Filipinos by providing them with quality products and sustainable livelihood.

Our Story

Personal Collection was born out of the desire to better the lives of Filipinos, through compassion or what the company calls Malasakit. Our founder, Willie Evangelista, after encountering a setback, started a business in a small warehouse with just eight employees. Thinking of millions of Filipinos who consider themselves poor, he wanted to give them a viable business opportunity by selling essential Filipino-made products for the home. His vision was to bring the Great Life to every family. From just eight dealers, we have now grown our dealer base to millions. From only one branch, we now have more than 500 branches nationwide. We opened our first international branch in Malaysia in 2023. We have also transitioned more than 80% of our products from recyclable to biodegradable packaging because one of our core values is protecting the environment for generations to come.   

Now, 20 years and counting, we stay true to our promise of a Great Life by constantly looking for ways to reach more Filipinos, and empowering them with quality products and business opportunities that show care for every Filipino home and the only world we live in. 

How we began

We’ve come a long way but our commitment remains the same— we want to create a future where everyone can experience the Great Life.

Where are we now?

Our journey to the Great Life has brought us significant results.
See how we’re making a progress so far.


Product Categories
Product Categories

Hundreds of


More than 650

Branches with more being built every day
Branches with more being built every day

Hundreds of thousands of

Dealers with more signing up every day
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Intertek Green Leaf Certified
This certifies that our product claims are conforming to the environmental standards and regulations.

Proud Member of DSAP
Our membership with DSAP institutes our legitimacy as a direct selling company.



Great Life for Every family.


Through heart-to-heart, we inspire and nurture everyone with life-changing opportunities.  

What makes a ka-PC great?


Raising the standard and quality of doing business


Enhancing the potential of existing resources and practices

Responsibility for the environment

Aligning processes and products with the rational use of environmental resources

People Development

Prioritizing the well-being and growth of dealers and employees


Leading in modesty through the spirit of inclusion

Where are we headed?


Personal Collection won the Circle of Excellence Award for the CSR Company of the Year category of the Asia CEO Awards 2022. In picture, third from left, is Jerome C. Tuguin, President and CEO of Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. , receiving the award.

Personal Collection’s Check Liquid Antibacterial Hand Soap won for Best Liquid Hand Soap in the Smart Parenting Awards 2022. 

Personal Collection’s Alert Kids Strawberry with Vitamin C Toothpaste won for Best Toothpaste for Kids in the Smart Parenting Awards 2022. 

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For every product you purchase, you are supporting the livelihood of many Filipinos.

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Join hundreds of thousands of dealers all over the country who have improved their lives with PC.

Be a PC dealer now!

Join hundreds of thousands of dealers all over the country who have improved their lives with PC.

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