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Tuff PLD Superior Whitening

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TUFF PLD Powdered Laundry Detergent Advanced is a highly effective detergent made with Superior Whitening formula.

The Superior Whitening formula preserves the brightness of white clothes by expertly washing stains and prevents yellowing caused by dust, dirt, and sweat as proven laboratory tests.

TUFF PLD also has fabric conditioners that keep clothes smelling fresh whether it’s sunny or raining. It prevents and kills germs before it enters the clothes, keeping them smelling fragrant even if left soaked for more than one week.

  • Superior whitening formula
  • Kills bacteria on your clothes
  • Keeps clothes smelling fresh even if left soaked for up to 1 week*
  • Keeps clothes smelling fresh even if not fully dried under the sun
  • 3x more concentrated than other brands

*based on laboratory tests



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