A Leap Towards Inclusivity: Halal Certification of Personal Collection Products

In a significant stride towards inclusivity and respecting the diverse needs of our consumers, Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc., a pioneering example of direct selling in the Philippines and a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP), is thrilled to announce a landmark achievement. A selection of our products, spanning across oral care, coffee, haircare, cleaning supplies, and laundry care, have recently been awarded the esteemed Halal certification. This accreditation is a testament to our commitment towards quality, inclusivity, and respect for cultural values. 

Leejay Evangelista, Chairman of the Environment, Social & Governance Committee at the Corporate Governance Division, shares, “Halal certification was a natural response on how Personal Collection is committed to embracing different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. Recognizing our presence across diverse markets, we wanted to make sure our products are accessible to everyone. Achieving this certification was a significant milestone for us, showcasing our dedication to enhancing product quality while also expanding their reach. This is our way of communicating that we love and respect diverse cultures wherever we operate, underscoring our value of inclusivity not only in the Philippines but also in Malaysia, where we launched our first international branch.”

Understanding Halal Certification

Halal, an Arabic word meaning “permissible,” is a term that transcends food to include products and services conforming to Islamic law as outlined in the Quran. The Halal certification ensures that products are free from any components or ingredients forbidden in Islam. This rigorous certification process involves meticulous inspection and verification by accredited agencies, ensuring that the products meet the stringent dietary standards required for Halal compliance.

Celebrating Our Halal Certified Products

Our journey towards achieving Halal certification for our products has been driven by a deep respect for the cultural and religious practices of our customers. We are happy to announce that the following products have now been certified Halal:

Home Care:
Our bestselling and award-winning Tuff line of cleaning products have all been certified, ensuring your home care routines are in line with Halal guidelines.

Tuff Multi-Surface Cleaner
Tuff Naturals Liquid Laundry Detergent
Tuff Naturals Bathroom & Toilet Bowl Cleanser
sof & mmmmm Naturals Fabric Conditioner

Oral Care:
Our entire Alert range is now accessible to a broader audience.

Alert Optimum Antibacterial Fluoride Toothpaste
Alert Optimum Advanced Care Toothpaste
Alert Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste
Alert Intense Fresh Gel Toothpaste Red Blaze
Alert Intense Fresh Gel Toothpaste Green Burst
Alert Intense Fresh Gel Toothpaste Blue Blast
Alert Fresh Mouthwash Winter Blast
Alert Fresh Mouthwash Thunder Mint

Haircare Solutions:
Nature’s Way Aloe Vera System, with its comprehensive range of Shampoos & Conditioners, now embraces Halal standards.

Nature’s Way Aloe Vera System Total Shine Care
Nature’s Way Aloe Vera System Total Nourishment Care
Nature’s Way Aloe Vera System Anti-Dandruff Care
Nature’s Way Aloe Vera System Keratin Straight

Coffee Enthusiasts:
Great Life Coffee now offers a Halal-certified morning ritual for our coffee lovers.

Great Life Coffee Creamy Brown
Great Life Coffee Creamy White

Why This Matters

Achieving Halal certification is not just about expanding our market reach; it’s a reflection of our values and respect for the diversity of our customer base, especially within Visayas and Mindanao. It represents our commitment to quality, safety, and ethical considerations in product development. Moreover, it allows our dealers and customers who observe Halal dietary laws to use our products with confidence, knowing that their beliefs are respected and catered to.

Evangelista states, “It is our commitment to make our products acceptable to every type of customer and potential markets we plan to enter in the near future.”

This certification opens doors to new opportunities, allowing us to welcome more customers into the Personal Collection family. It assures them that our products align with their lifestyle and religious observances, further strengthening the trust and loyalty we strive to build with everyone.

Looking Forward

“In PC, we treat everyone equally, and we will find ways to make the minority feel important,” Evangelista shares, underscoring Personal Collection’s commitment to inclusivity and respect for all communities.

Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc.’s commitment to sustainability shines through in our nearly all-biodegradable product packaging, demonstrating our dedication to minimizing environmental impact. Our corporate social responsibility initiative, #GreenLifeGreatLife, and the recent Halal certification of our product lines further exemplify our dedication to environmental stewardship and cultural inclusivity. These efforts are part of our mission to forge a more inclusive, thoughtful, and sustainable world. By integrating sustainability with respect for diverse cultural and religious needs, we strive towards the “Great Life for Every Family,” aiming to leave a lasting, positive impact. We are dedicated to offering products that enhance your life while honoring your values, looking forward to a future of opportunities, growth, and shared success.

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