Direct Selling Business in a Nutshell

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What is Direct Selling?

Direct selling is a dynamic channel where products and services are sold directly to consumers through personal interactions. Representatives, known as dealers, sell to their personal contacts either in person or online, promoting entrepreneurial skills and additional earning opportunities through sales and recruiting.

It’s not much different from a buy-and-sell business model. With direct selling, dealers can earn not just from selling but also from expanding their network through recruiting other dealers and earning a commission from their sales.

Direct selling is a way of selling products or services directly to people, usually through face-to-face conversations or online chats. In this method, sellers, who are often called dealers, offer items to people they know, like friends or family, either in person or over the internet. This approach encourages sellers to be entrepreneurial, giving them a chance to make extra money both by selling products and by inviting others to sell as well. When these new sellers make sales, the original dealer earns a commission. It’s similar to a buy-and-sell business, but with direct selling, dealers can also make money by growing their network of sellers.

About Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. 

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Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. (PCDSI), one of the leading direct selling companies in the Philippines, offers life changing opportunities to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos through high quality products. The company was founded with a profound commitment to enhancing the lives of Filipinos, guided by a principle of compassion, or “Malasakit.” 

In 2003, the company began with just one product, one office warehouse, eight employees, and eight dealers.  It has since grown into a reputable business with hundreds of thousands of dealers, thousands of employees, more than 650 branches, and hundreds of products in nine different categories. Eighty-seven percent of the company’s products are now in biodegradable packaging in line with its core value of responsibility for the environment. The company also opened its first branch in Malaysia last March 2023. Now, 20 years and counting, PCDSI has stayed true to its promise of providing the Great Life to every family by constantly looking for ways to reach more Filipinos, and empowering them with quality products and business opportunities that show care for every Filipino home and the only world we live in.

How Does Direct Selling Work in Personal Collection?

  • Sign Up
    Become a dealer by registering with a direct selling company. Just go to the PCDSI branch nearest you! Alternatively, you may sign up online.

  • Buy Products
    Purchase products at a discount and receive credit for quick startup. Personal Collection will even provide you with capital worth P2,000 and a 37-day credit line* so you can start your business within minutes of signing up! Dealers buy PC products with up to 25% discount! New dealers get freebies, too!

    *Upon complete submission of requirements to the branch

  • Sell the products
    You can now sell the products directly to your customers at the retail price, earning the profit on the difference between the wholesale price you paid and the retail price you’ll charge. Make sure you get the monthly brochure which shows all the promos and deals that month so that you can save more, buy more, and earn more!

  • Build a Team
    Here’s what makes direct selling different from the buy-and-sell model: You build your network. By recruiting more dealers, you can earn from their sales. A team of just 5 recruits, or downlines, is enough to turn you a bigger profit. Of course, the more active and successful your team is, the higher your potential earnings can be. Not only that, you can level up in terms of incentives as you grow your team.

  • Enjoy discounts, promos, and bonuses.
    In addition to earning profits from retail sales, you may also enjoy discounts and bonuses based on your sales volume, recruitment efforts, and the sales performance of your downlines, which consists of other dealers they have recruited. Personal Collection is also generous with its incentives and programs, with hardworking dealers getting trips to exciting destinations, cars, house and lot packages, and cash prizes!

Why Choose Direct Selling?

Direct selling offers financial freedom and personal growth opportunities. With reputable companies like Personal Collection*, success stories abound, showcasing the potential for entrepreneurial dreams to become reality.

*PCDSI is a registered member of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP), the national trade association of the companies engaged in the business of direct selling and network marketing. It is affiliated with The World Federation of Direct Selling Association with headquarters at Washington, D.C., U.S.A. The DSAP has been established for important reasons: Since the direct selling method of marketing is unique, requiring dealers to have personal contact with consumers, direct sellers have to maintain a high standard of selling and servicing practices. To serve with honesty and courtesy is one of the prime objectives of the association. All DSAP members adhere to the association’s code of ethics and passed a membership board review. 

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